Going to Tallassee

A couple of weekends ago, we took a nice trip over to Tallassee. One of the first places we stopped was here at Sears Chapel Methodist Church in rural Coosa county on Highway 231, not too far from Rockford. The congregation was founded in 1860 and had first a log cabin building, but this pretty building was completed around 1895.

This sign further down the road is two miles from Rockford, just as it says. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a marker like this before:

This is the old rock jail, circa 1842, in Rockford. It’s a museum now:

…and behind it is the monument for Fred, the town dog. He was inducted into the Alabama Animal Hall of Fame and they describe him:

“Fred” the town dog lived to be about 13 years of age. He was a male, Airedale mix with a heart for all of Rockford, Alabama. He truly became Rockford’s ambassador by welcoming visitors to town and he was invariably the first to welcome newcomers. He was steadfast in guarding the children at the elementary school, or guarding the bank, or local foodmart. He was adept at helping to raise funds for charity, and his likeness still sells souvenirs and other items for the city. He had served as grand marshall in numerous parades and he brought fame to the city through local newspaper and magazine articles, local television exposure and even national television coverage.

Downtown Rockford – the population is fewer than 500, but when we were there, Av remembered that Rockford had been in the news this past year because two of the football players in the Super Bowl, Adalius Thomas for the Patriots and Justin Tuck for the Giants, grew up here and played football at Coosa Central.

We decided since it was such a pretty day to just drive around and see what we could find. The more dirt roads, the better:

We stumbled upon this cemetery, Old Shiloh Cemetery, on County Road 63 in Coosa County. It was established in the late 1700s:

This monument is for Mary S., consort of A.J. Thomas:

We had to stop when we saw it just because we could tell it was so old:

We went further toward Lake Logan Martin and drove in to Camp Smile-A-Mile (oops! earlier I called it a different name here, but it it is Camp S-A-M). It is right on the banks of the lake.

Right when we got out, this mommy goose was tending to her sweet babies:

And right behind this chapel:

…there’s a lighthouse!

This is the first lighthouse we’ve gotten to take Shug up close to:

Late that afternoon, we got to Hotel Talisi in downtown Tallassee – they serve fried chicken that’s one of Av’s favorites. Fried chicken, dressing, black-eyed peas, spinach, and squash casserole:


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