Double Decker Arts Festival, Oxford MS

We drove over to Oxford yesterday and had the *very* best time at the Double Decker Arts Festival! Ohmygoodness was it ever so great! It was right in the square, and it was as busy as game day in the Grove. Loved it.

I just wish I’d taken more pictures of everything! Besides all the great artists, we went into several of the shops and got Shug some books at Square Books Junior, which is the kids’ version of our favorite bookshop anywhere, Square Books (and whether or not you get to Oxford much, Square Books puts out this great weekly email about books that are coming out, authors that are making appearances (and they can hold a signed copy & ship it) and lots more – the signup is here). Oh, and their signed first editions club is something we’ve thought about doing for a while and probably will soon.

Sooo…back to the festival. I’m going to start with what was really special – there were two or three artists there with bottle trees:

***But*** the most special one was this bottle tree arch by artist Stephanie Dwyer (her website is here):

Isn’t that great!!?? Av’s ready for us to start house-shopping again…so I think it would make a very nice addition to a new garden area…hmmm…

There were lots & lots of other great artists there – a full listing of them all is right here.

Double Decker is on our don’t-miss list of festivals from now on…already can’t wait for next year!

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