Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival, Moulton AL

This weekend we went to the Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival in Moulton. Shug had a big time seeing all the bantam chickens that were there (over 100) and if he had been just a little bit older, he could have enjoyed all the different activities in the children’s section.

We got there in time to see the egg eating contest:


…which was funny but the thought of all those hard-boiled eggs was also a little yucky! The winner ate 22 eggs in five minutes. I wonder how many eggs Joey Chestnut could eat!?

Right after the egg eating contest was the Colonel Sanders look-alike contest (sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken, of course!):


The winner won a year’s worth of chicken. Oh – and see the festival’s mascots up there? The chicken’s name is ‘Nugget’ and the egg’s name is ‘Scramble’.

Everybody was really nice, but next year we’ll probably go to something different that weekend. This coming weekend, there is so much to choose from: the Sucarnochee Folklife Festival (with Kathryn Tucker Windham!) in Livingston, the Crawfish Festival in Faunsdale, the Dogwood Festival in Athens, the Strawberry Festival in Castleberry, Magnolia Festival in Gardendale, Art Show in M’n/Bk, the 280 Boogie in Waverly, and TroyFest in Troy.

If Av was a big athlete, I would beg him to be in the Flora-Bama Mullet Man Triathlon (mullet= the fish, not the hairstyle) this weekend. Tell me *who* would not be proud to say that their husband was the official Mullet Man!? hahaha!!

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