$14000 in Quilts

John McCain was in Alabama yesterday and visited Selma, Thomasville, and Gee’s Bend – Av says there’s a pic of his campaign bus on the ferry to Gee’s Bend in the B’ham News, and apparently some quilters rode over with him, singing Gospel songs. Before he left Alabama, John McCain bought three large quilts and paid $14,030 for them! Nice!


(oh, and (I don’t know who I’m voting for yet, but…) thank you to John McCain for not coming down here and trying to put on some crazy-fake accent, or trying to speak colloquially to the crowd about “y’all got that cold Popeye’s out for breakfast”. Cringe. Really, thank you!!)

We went to the most *amazing* art environment yesterday, and I’ll try to post pics later today or tomorrow…can’t wait to show it!!

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