Well, even though Av had a week of pharyngitis and I was feeling a little yucky/super-tired myself although I never came down with anything (thankfully Shug never got any of our ickiness), we had an amazing week.

You know, one of those weeks when everything goes really wonderfully and you get lots of good news and things just start clicking together? Things happen that make you smile all the time and think to yourself, mmm-hmmm, the world is great!?

Oh, it was one of those weeks, y’all.

I hope you are having that exact type of week.

I do have a smidgen of happy news to share – it’s not the tippy-top of our happy news, but I signed a little contract/release this week for some of my pictures to be used in a movie that’s coming out next year! It’s called “The New Daughter” and Kevin Costner is playing the lead character. They bought rights to use some of the Indian mound pictures that I took a couple of years ago for one of the scenes. Nice!

Best of all, Shug is this close to crawling (he’s scooting a lot), which he is supposed to do anytime between 8-10 months, and he is the happiest and sweetest thing. Such a pleasure just to be around, all the time!

I’m *so* behind on my emails right now since I’ve been feeling icky for several days but I’m going to catch up over the next two or three days. I would love to hear your good news. Got some wonderfulness to share? I would love to hear about it! (ginger AT deepfriedkudzu DOT com)

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