Springtime Wreath

The latest issue of Mississippi Magazine came last week, and one of the features was on Spring door decorations. They were fantastic! I got 100% of the inspiration for this one that I made from the one called “Spring Garden Pot Wreath” available for $85 from A Daisy A Day in Jackson.

Springtime Wreath

It was so easy, so fresh, and cost only about $10 to make. All it takes is a grapevine wreath (mine’s about 2 feet wide or so), some raffia, some small terracotta pots, and little colorful plants. For my plants, I used two little six-cell packs of annuals, and planted two plants per pot.

Next, tied the pots onto the wreath form with raffia. I did this part by myself, but it would have been a little easier if there had been one person to hold the wreath steady and another to tie the raffia!

Now I can either put it on the door, or how it is right now – hung on a wreath stand outside (on a wreath stake from Pottery Barn out in a corner of the yard would be great too!)

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