Spring Is Here

Oh it has been *so* nice outside! Shug and I have enjoyed our days this week at the Botanical Gardens, the Zoo, and just around town shopping. It’s almost time for Av to bring the Troy-Bilt up to the vegetable patch (I have to say, it’s kind-of hilarious to watch when it gets a little bogged down tilling up some really compacted earth, and then just takes off really fast with Av trying to hold on behind it when it gets to a smooth part. It’s a little hard to look cool while you’re getting bucked around and then suddenly zipping down a row.). Fun times! haha!
I’m almost ready to bring home those gorgeous plants at the nursery. We’re doing tomatoes and hopefully also okra, carrots, watermelon, cucumber, yellow squash, and some other things. By the end of the summer, Shug will probably be able to walk down those garden rows.

One of the things that’s gotten me excited about planting all around the house and not just the garden is the picture in the April issue of Country Living of Robin Brown (Magnolia Pearl) and her garden. There’s one pic of an old broken typewriter that looks like it’s been planted with some hens and chicks. I *love* unusual plantings. They’re not for everybody, or probably most people, but just the originality and using things in unexpected ways is exciting.
My Flickr-friend Natalie has a whole set of pics from her visit with Dr. Dirt in Edwards, Mississippi, who is great at recycling, here. I love this one and this one especially!

In an issue of the Clarion-Ledger from last week, Felder Rushing wrote about rethinking gardening vegetables in rows – why not plant them among the other, ornamental plants? He says the French call this potager gardening, and it makes perfect sense. Felder has even planted some corn in his front yard, treated visually as an ornamental grass. Interesting!

On Flickr, there are all kinds of garden groups, but the really different garden pics show up in Weird Yards and Gardens and Avant-Garden. It’s fun to see what people find in Folk Art Gardens, Concrete Animal Farm, What’s That In My Front Yard, and Extreme Lawns too!

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