Noccalula Falls, Gadsden AL

After we left Tigers for Tomorrow, we went over to Noccalula Falls in Gadsden.

We had a really nice time! We walked over to the falls:

Isn’t it so pretty!? The drop is 90 feet, off a ledge of Lookout Mountain.

This is the statue of Princess Noccalula (the legend is that she threw herself into the falls when her father was going to make her marry a chief he had chosen rather than the brave she was in love with):

We fed Shug at a little bench facing the falls so he could watch all the pretty water. All of the facilities were pretty nice, but parts of the path weren’t really graded well, and too close to the train tracks, for people like us with strollers:

The Gilliland-Reese covered bridge is at the park:

It was built in 1899 at Reece City (so maybe it should be the Gilliland-Reece covered bridge) and is 40 feet long:

There’s also a botanical gardens and petting zoo at the park, as well as what’s called ‘Pioneer Village’:

We want to take Shug back when he gets a bit older and can enjoy the little choo-choo train ride!

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