Gorgeous Easter Eggs

My friend Amy from North Mississippi celebrates Easter, and she makes *the* most gorgeous eggs! I told her it was a shame that we weren’t sharing her ideas and pics with the world, so here’s how she does it!

She gets bunches of yellow onion skins for free from her grocer:

She puts the onion skins in the bottom of a pan, places some regular white eggs on top, and covers it all with water – not too much though. Just enough water to cover the eggs. She says less water equals more color:

Boil them as usual, and they come out all marbled and gorgeous. If you leave them in the pan with the onion skins once they are done and the heat is off, you can get the color even deeper:

I think these may be my favorite – she uses boiled red cabbage leaves and leaves the eggs with them overnight to get this blue / turquoise color:

Isn’t she great?!

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