West Alabama Weekend

This weekend we took a drive around West Alabama and found some really neat, different things. The first thing we stopped at was in Oakman – it was a place called “Old York Farms, the Corry Family Homeplace (since 1852)”. There were some houses, what I think was a campground, and this set of buildings:

The building all the way to the right is a place called the Bullpen Steakhouse. They are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. It was too bad that we were there too early for supper, but we may try to come back in a few weeks:

This sculpture was also at Old York:

This is the library building in Oakman:

This gasoline station is in New Lexington. It has a handpainted sign for ‘complete logging supplies’:

Facing US Hwy 43 on Fondren Road is this cypress wood-carved Jesus:

Johnny Williamson put it up to represent the 23rd Psalm, because that was his late mother’s favorite. He worked with Willie Logan to carve it:

Right before we went back home we took a couple of pics of the Moon Winx Lodge neon sign in Alberta City, just outside Tuscaloosa. It was designed by Glenn House Sr. – his mother ran Ma’Cille’s Museum of Miscellanea (this is a PDF about it, page 7):

Isn’t it great!?

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