Kangaroo, and What?

Tom Fitzmorris hosts a daily radio show in New Orleans from 3-6pm on 1350am (and another three hours on Saturday, on WWL). It’s always a lot of fun and really interesting. Av always remarks about how that’s the sign of a great food city: that New Orleans daily sustains a three hour show just about where to eat next.

I pay to subscribe to his e-newsletter, “The New Orleans Menu Daily” (the free version is good but the paid version just has more content) – it doesn’t have a fixed cost, and you send Tom via PayPal what the newsletter is worth to you to receive it.

One of the things Tom mentioned last week was the February 28th Game Dinner at Cafe Adelaide. Here’s what they’re serving:

Wild Game Hors D’oeuvres

Braised Duck and Chanterelle Ravioli
Sunny side-up quail egg and duck cracklings with quail consommé

Durham Ranch Wild Boar Salad
Lola rossa greens, wild boar head en glace, shaved manchego cheese and rabbit confit rillette croustade with foie gras vinaigrette

Cast Iron Seared Venison Strip
Rattlesnake chili and crispy onion rings with cayenne ketchup

Herb Grilled Elk Chop
Antelope stone ground grits, kangaroo and roasted pear crepinette and caramelized pearl onions, with smoking goose fricassee

[Stop! Go back and read that last one again.–Tom.]

How You Like ‘Dem Apples?
Creole cream cheese cannoli with apple chutney, granny smith tarte tatin and candy apple turnover

See Tom’s note above, about the Herb Grilled Elk Chop? Kangaroo! Wow… That is something I just have a hard time imagining!

At Whole Foods, I saw this bag of benne candy from Specialty Foods South, LLC in Charleston SC. Benne candy is big around there. I figured inside would be some real Charleston homemade benne candy.

The surprise was when we opened the bag:

It was Joyva halvah, still in their marked wrapper. The package is labeled “Food For The Southern Soul” and instead they are just repackaging based-in-Brooklyn Joyvah halvah! What? I don’t think that is right. hahaha!!!

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