I Have PTSD From Using Pyrex

That’s right. I now have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Due to use of Pyrex. As of tonight.

I was starting to fix a red snapper hollandaise for supper tonight and as the water in the Pyrex dish was beginning to heat up and I was adding the lemon slices (for poaching the fish), I turned back towards the sink for I don’t know what reason and just as I did, the loudest ***boom*** went off next to me and I looked over to see that my Pyrex dish had exploded into a million pieces. The boom was so loud that I screamed!

I’m counting my blessings that sweet Shug was in the living room playing with Av when it happened. We actually had glass shards that flew about eight feet away. Shug has a little seat that he stays in that is more like 14 feet from the stove, sink, oven, etc. just because I am paranoid about how clumsy I can be in the first place. But ohmygoodnessgracious thank heavens that he was in another room. Av too.

I had glass shards and some hot water on me too but I didn’t get cut. When Av rushed in to check on me, he shooed me out so he could clean it all up (isn’t he great!?). I threw away the clothes I had on because I was afraid that the washing machine wouldn’t get all the glass out, or that some of the glass might find its way into another load of laundry. Scary, scary, scary.

The only things I had in the Pyrex dish thus far were just water and lemon…so as it was being cleaned up, it didn’t make as much of a mess as anything oily or sticky I could have had in there. It still took Av about an hour to pick it all up.

I was living under the idea that just as we used Pyrex for everything in science lab in high school and college because it could withstand variances in temperature, it was safe for whatever I did in the kitchen… But when I looked up “pyrex and exploding” there were over 14,000 hits on Google (and some pics on Flickr). Apparently Pyrex/Corning sold their kitchen division to World Kitchen Inc in 1998, and World Kitchen started making Pyrex out of soda-lime glass (that’s cheaper) instead of borosilicate glass like what had been used up until then, and that’s why many people believe that the newer Pyrex has exhibited this problem.

Ah, well.

Tomorrow I am going to go out and replace my other Pyrex dishes (I think I only have four or five left now) with some ceramic cookware I’ve been wanting anyway.

Oh, and for supper? Instead of the red snapper hollandaise, we had turkey sandwiches. Ha!

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