Going To Monroeville, Part 2

Outside Pine Apple, there was this line of gourds for the martins:

Between mile marker 63 and 64 on Alabama 47, there was this wonderful dog trot house! If you’re not familiar with dog trot architecture, it’s where there is a large open but roofed space between the two ends of the house:

You can see all the way from the front to the back – completely open:

Our next stop was in Natchez (rhymes with ‘matches’, just like the Natchez in Mississippi). We stopped here because we knew about a story about “The Bear Man”. This is the New Hope Baptist Church, established in 1855:

Their dinner on the grounds tables:

…and this is the monument in the church cemetery for the Bear Man. He was a Frenchman who traveled around showing off his bear, Jimbo, who performed tricks. Unfortunately, when the bear was performing for the people in Natchez, he turned on his owner and killed him. The people at the church buried the Bear Man in their cemetery.

Our next stop was in Beatrice (pronounced “bee-AT-riss”) – we stopped in at Finklea’s (since 1909) for drinks and met the owners…super-super nice:

Next is Monroeville…

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