Going To Monroeville, Part 1

This weekend, we went to Monroeville for a little arts and crafts festival they were having in the courthouse square. We found some of the neatest things on the way over!

First we pulled over when we saw this pretty church – it’s the Pine Flat Methodist Church in Butler County, just a few miles from the Wilcox County line on Alabama Highway 10. The church was established in 1858:

We had to walk through the cemetery to get up to it. The little building to the right is where the mens’ and ladies’ rooms are:

My boys:

The outbuilding for dinner on the grounds:

The church cemetery included this monument with shells all over it:

Next, we were off to Pine Apple, Alabama. All over town are just the prettiest old homes:

The Friendship Baptist Church cemetery in Pine Apple has this interesting monument – it’s of William Joseph Melton, a plantation owner:

His daughter brought a picture of her late father to Italy and commissioned this monument.

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