East Alabama Weekend

The other part of our weekend was in East Alabama. Shug is so good about riding in the car (and especially taking good naps during a drive!) that we have just been going all over.

In Anniston, we saw the world’s largest office chair:

Goal Post Bar-B-Q was where we were going to have lunch, but they are closed on the weekends. They have a neon sign where the kicker makes the ball go through the goal posts and to the restaurant:

These pretty homes were all in Roanoke:

…an old theatre marquee there:

This elephant building was in Roanoke too – Av figured out it was supposed to be the shape of an elephant (it took me a while!):

It looks like it used to be a gasoline station:

Before we go on trips, sometimes I will look at the visitor’s bureau of wherever we are going. When I went to the one for Lanett, they listed a monument at the cemetery. It’s a dollhouse built over the monument for Little Nadine Earles, who passed away in 1933.

When she was four years old, she asked her parents for a doll house for Christmas. Her father started on it, but she became sick with diphtheria, and then pneumonia. Her parents gave her a tea set and life-size doll before the holiday, hoping it would help make her feel better, but she just wanted the doll house, and told her daddy, “me want it now.” She passed away December 18th, before he had it completed. After she was gone, her father hired a contractor to build it at the cemetery. Inside are several dolls, a little toy tea set…

The stone reads:
‘Our Darling Little Girl
Sweetest In The World
April 3, 1929
December 18, 1933
Little Nadine Earles
In Heaven We Hope To Meet
Me Want It Now’

Below is a photograph inside the dollhouse that shows her friends that came by for her next birthday. The pic is inscribed “Little Nadine Earles Birthday Party” and the date. So sad!!

Her parents are buried outside the dollhouse, and Nadine’s brothers have deeded the area to the city of Lanett.

Strangely enough, there is something similar in Tennessee.

Okay, now on to happier things! Just out of the blue we passed this covered bridge. It is just east of LaFayette on Alabama Highway 50 (here in Alabama, we say “luh – FAY – et”!):

I don’t know how old it is, or what it’s called, but I thought it was neat the way there was a cow on the other side!

This statue of Lady Justice is on top of the Chambers County courthouse in LaFayette:

…an old theater in LaFayette:

Motel Heart of Dixie in Dadeville:

…and this outhouse in front of an antique shop in Sylacauga:

We were talking about how it would be the perfect prop for a themed party we are having later this year…can’t you just see Av driving a pickup truck with this in the back, up Hwy 280? hahahaha!

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