Day In Atlanta

This weekend, we spent a day in Atlanta, and the first thing we did was go to the High. They had some special exhibits going on, like LouvreAtlanta – The Louvre and the Ancient World, and Georgia O’Keefe…but of course our favorite part was the folk/vernacular art section of the museum.

They had several pieces by Jimmie Lee Sudduth, Mose T, Bill Traylor, Sam Doyle, Mattie Lou O’Kelley:

There were two Gee’s Bend quilts:

Lonnie Holley:

This is by Eddie Owens Martin (St. EOM – the man that built Pasaquan! It took me a minute to figure out that this was St. EOM when they gave his full name in the title) and is called “Pasaquoyan Man with Ritual Headress and Levitation Suit”:

Thornton Dial’s “Heading for the Higher Paying Jobs”:

*lots* of Howard Finster:

Shug had the *best* time – here he and Daddy are in the Howard Finster area:

Next we were off to lunch at The Colonnade:

…which totally won me over because they had aspic on the menu. Their vegetables/sides (between the two of us we had aspic, rutabagas, dressing, and collards) were sooo good!

After all that, it was time for Ikea:

Av and Shug tried out the Ektorp chaise lounge (only $349 & soooo comfortable!):

…and some of the Ikea cabinets are really getting to look more and more like those super-high-end European sets:

Ah, I wish we had new cabinets. I think the ones we have are original to our house, and when I look at the ones at Lowe’s and Home Depot they have all these neat little features… Maybe we should make that our next big project.

The linens they had in the children’s section at Ikea were *so* cute. We wound up buying two duvet covers and a small blanket for Shug, and five fleece throws (just look at the designs on the children’s linens in the pic below!). The throws were much less expensive than I could buy them at in yardage at the fabric shop, and out of these I’ll make one or two reverse appliqué blankets similar to the ones I made a couple of years ago.

Ikea charges for plastic bags now(!), so we bought two of the huge blue bags for $.59 and were able to get everything out in one of those.

The last thing we stopped for was on the way back home – it was something we saw from the highway. This is the Coldwater Covered Bridge at Oxford Lake. It was built in 1850 and moved to this location in 1990…it’s even the oldest covered bridge in Alabama now:

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