A Preppy St. Patrick’s Day

I’m starting to work on St. Patrick’s Day decorations now. This year I decided to do a preppy theme for the holiday, and I started with making a paper banner. It was super-easy, and didn’t even take close to an hour, plus Leslie came over to help and visit which was even more fun!

Pink acrylic folk art paint, lime green acrylic folk art paint, brush
heart-shaped stamper, pink ink for the stamper, and a thin lime green marker

Green scrapbook paper (I used green with tiny white polka dots)
Pink patterned scrapbook paper (I used pink & green paisley)
Vellum (found some with tiny white polka dots)
ribbon (I used green shiny with raised green dots)
glue – Sobo or regular Elmer’s
circle punch – mine is 2″ diameter
((of course, this is just a starting point and you can do it however you like!!))

The first thing to do is to measure your mantle, and cut the ribbon long enough to secure to each side of the mantle plus hang. From this measurement, figure how wide you want each paper triangle to be so you’ll know how many to cut.

For example, my mantle is seven feet across, so I cut the ribbon about nine feet (you can snip off any extra) so there is a foot room on each end for tying and extra so it hangs.

We made twelve paper triangles for the banner and they are each 6″ across at the top/widest point, so that covers 72″ of the ribbon. If you go ahead and cut a few more pieces of everything, you can see when you hold the banner/garland up to the fireplace whether you want to add more to each end.

So, if you’re cutting 12 paper triangles, you’ll need 12 circles of patterned paper (the pink) plus 12 circles of vellum.

Once all the cutting is done, it’s time to paint or stamp!
If you’re stamping, take a small heart-shaped stamp, press into pink ink, and onto the vellum three times to make a shamrock shape. Take the thin lime green marker and draw a line to make the stem of the shamrock. This process is easier & faster than painting.

If you’re in the mood to paint, pour a large pool of pink paint and a smaller pool of lime green paint on paper. Practice making hearts and the comma stroke before doing it on the vellum.

To make a heart shape, dip the bottom of your brush into the pink paint and make a dot, then dip it into the paint again and make another dot close to the first:

Now just drag the bottom of the brush through the two dots down to make a heart shape:

Make three heart shapes, and finish the shamrock off with a comma stroke (you just load the brush bristles with a lot of paint and then lift up as you’re making the comma shape):

It’s not at all perfect but I think that’s sort-of the beauty of doing it this way. It’s best to do these painted parts ahead of time so they are dry when you get ready to cut and assemble the rest of the banner.

Cut your paper triangles – you can make these as long as you want just as long as you remember to stick to the width you decided on in the beginning. For each of the paper triangles, we glued on a circle of the pink patterned paper, then glued on the painted vellum pieces. When gluing the painted vellum pieces, we just put a dot of glue right in the middle so that the vellum would lift up all around its edges (look three pics down):

We put glue on the front tip-top of each of the triangles and placed it onto the ribbon:

Once the glue was dry and set overnight, it was ready to hang:

Now I just need to finish the top of the mantle!

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