The Club Renovation

Today, one of the social clubs we belong to – The Club, in Birmingham – was having a sale of furnishings in the downstairs area where the staterooms are to make room for the renovation they’re beginning. Ohmygosh there were so many things! All kinds of paintings, engravings, statues, lamps, banquettes, silver, china, etc. etc. etc. It was all done silent auction style. I thought it might be nice if we brought something tiny home, since that’s where we have had so many family celebrations.

The day that Av and I got engaged, he arranged for one of the staterooms so that we went straight from him asking (and me accepting, of course!) to celebrating there with about 15 or 20 of our other friends and family. He sure is lucky after going to all that trouble beforehand that I said “yes”!

Our main reason for going, though, was to show it to Shug, since he’s not old enough yet to bring for supper. He got carried around in his Baby Bjorn, and here he and daddy are in front of the check room:

I really-really-really wanted to show him the view of the city from outside the main dining room, where it’s really pretty and there are fountains to sit around, but that part is closed right now due to the renovations also.

These are some pictures from the past year or two of The Club:

This is the “Gold Room” where we always meet before supper – this room is going to be renovated in a big way, I think:

This is the dance floor in the middle of the main dining room – remember the lit floor in Saturday Night Fever? John Badham, who is from B’ham and was the director of the movie, got the idea from this dance floor:

This is one of the fountains outside the main dining area:

The view of the city:

This is the newer restaurant at The Club – it’s called ‘The View’ and it’s my favorite:

I can’t wait to see all the changes they’re going to make, but I really do love how parts of the building are just incredibly retro!

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