Published Again!

Wow! I am so excited – I found out just last week that more of my pictures have been published!

The first thing is “an urban design proposal and architectural pattern book” for Michigan City, Indiana – about twenty or so of my pictures were used to illustrate home styles (like neoclassical Queen Anne, etc.). It can be downloaded from this website, but it’s a little over 37mb, so unless you’re really curious about that sort of thing…

The other pic that was published this month was in the brand-new magazine, Thicket. It’s a magazine about modern-day Alabama (although I like the name, I wonder if it’s a good idea that the name is not more straight-forward (like Texas Monthly, Mississippi Magazine, etc)). I’m really hoping it is successful, and this first issue is really nice.

The picture of mine that’s used is in the ‘Our Town’ section, in which they featured Marion. This is the Perry County Courthouse:


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