Pics from Lawrence, Morgan, and Cullman County AL

Here are a few pics we took this weekend:

American Oil Gasoline Station sign:

Building with all kinds of advertising signs:

This is the Ironman Grocery and gasoline station in Hartselle:

It’s named “Ironman” after the iron man statue outside.

On one side, he reads: “VegaCal Gets The Bile”

…and on the other, “VegaCal For The Liver”:

Isn’t that so interesting? Av went inside the store and asked about it, and was told that it used to be down the road by a well, and got moved to across the street and was stolen by some kids, then returned and put where it is today. A man inside the store said he heard there was another one just like it around Montgomery. It’s an ad for liver tonic, and the man that was telling Av about it said he reckoned it was about a hundred years old and that every now and then somebody will come by as a prank and dress the iron man up.

It has even been inventoried by the Smithsonian!

…and this is a little pedestrian covered bridge at Sportsman’s Lake in Cullman:

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