Oakville Indian Mounds, Oakville AL

After we left the Jesse Owens museum, we drove the couple of miles over to the Oakville Indian mounds.

Guess what!? The park is closed on weekends from October – March, so this is the closest we got!

This mound is 27 feet high and the base is 1.8 acres with the flat top being over one acre. It’s over 2000 years old and was built by the Copena Indians. They built about 20 mounds in this area.

We drove up the road to where it was fenced off to turn around. There was this sign:
“This family does not work for the Indian Museum. Please do not disturb.”

The state tourism site says:

(The mound park) Encompasses Cherokee council house museum, portion of Black Warriors’ Path, largest Woodland ceremonial Indian mound in Alabama, and large Copena Indian burial mound. Park has lake and fishing pier.

By “Woodland” I think they mean the Woodland period. We’ll come back later this Spring and visit the mounds – I’ve heard that they have a festival every year, so maybe we can time it to go then.

The Indian Mounds group I started on Flickr now has over 300 pics!

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