Making Magnets From Brads

I am so ready for Valentine’s Day this year – already! I found these really cute ‘jumbo pebble brads’ at Michael’s and decided they were so nice that I would make them into magnets. All you need are: the brads, small diameter magnets, glue (hot glue or Sobo is fine), and jewelry pliers.

Open the ‘arms’ of each brad and place the magnet inside (the magnet will stick to the inside of the brad without any glue). I put the magnet in now just because it makes the brad a little easier to pinch/hang on to while twisting:

Take jewelry pliers and twist-twist-twist off each of the arms. I think it took about four or five times around for each of them. If there are any pointy edges left, just bend them under with the pliers:

Remove the magnets to dab on some hot glue or Sobo, wait for it to set, and use!

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