Gee’s Bend Lawsuit

The Selma Times-Journal is reporting that on Monday, Gee’s Bend quilters Loretta Pettway and Annie Mae Young dismissed Paul Arnett from their lawsuits (although Tinwood, Matt, Bill Arnett and others are still named). According to the article:

“Paul Arnett contended he didn’t have business interests with the women and they only met in social situations. He never bought or sold a quilt.”

This other sentence in the article, about “the wealthy, who purchase folk art” is weird, isn’t it?:

“Paul Arnett is the son of Matt Arnett, both of Tinwood Ventures of Georgia that took the quilters and made them household names among the wealthy, who purchase folk art.”

…and I think Paul is the son of Bill, not Matt. But anyway…I wonder when this is all going to be resolved, one way or the other?

Gee’s Bend quilts are thankfully still on exhibit – in fact, “The Architecture of the Quilt” opened at the Speed Museum in Kentucky just today.

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