Cast Iron Skillet

This is Av’s grandmother’s cast iron skillet. It’s probably…well, there is no telling how old it is. It might be 50 years old. It is the most beautiful black, and it is so well seasoned that nothing will stick inside of it.

And it makes great cornbread.

The National Cornbread Festival is in South Pittsburg, Tennessee (the home of Lodge cast iron) on April 26 and 27 this year. They have a cook-off, a cornbread eating contest, and lots of other things. The only thing is, they have a recipe section and some of the recipes call for putting sugar in the cornbread – that is a big no-no here in the South! When I bought Kathryn Tucker Windham’s cookbook, “Treasured Alabama Recipes” that’s even how she signed all her books!

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