Wrapping It Up

I am the worst gift wrapper. Some people can make all the creases super-sharp, and get the angles at the ends perfect, but I just can’t. No matter what. I really have tried!

What I do, though, is to make it up with pretty wrapping paper. I went to a specialty shop to get some pretty paper for this year (my Chanukah papers are all the usual blues, but for my friends who celebrate Christmas, I’m doing a preppy theme with pink and green) and I found this fabulous pink paper with glitter all over it – and the glitter doesn’t come off at all!

This year, we ‘adopted’ a teen girl in one of the state homes for Christmas, and so I thought this paper (it’s called glitterpaper) would really look neat for her presents…but it is driving me crazy:

…because of the texture of the paper, it does not accept tape well. The paper for some reason will not let the tape hold. Every time I tape it back, it comes loose a couple of hours later. It is the craziest thing! I am even thinking of hot-gluing it closed. That’s how bad it is. I may just have to give up and re-wrap some of her boxes in some other paper!

The other day, I found some Chanukah paper that Hallmark makes – it’s cute:

–and the super-smart thing is that they gave a grid pattern on the back of the paper so that you know you are cutting in a straight line! Yay! Why did no one ever do this before!?

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