Two of Three Coats of Paint

Av said that two or three months ago, the paper had an article about one neighborhood in our city that had all these great houses but that the neighborhood had deteriorated badly over time. Recently, some young adventurous couples have started buying these places and restoring them, trying to rebuild and revitalize the area. We went this weekend to see what the houses looked like.

Ohmygoodness! These houses are *huge* and beautiful! I mean, I know it would take more than a couple of coats of paint to bring them back to their former glory, but…still…wow:

My very favorite one:

Another view:

The thing is, we didn’t see any ‘for sale’ signs in front of any of these homes, and they look unoccupied. Hopefully it’s one of those things where the house has already sold and someone is just getting started on the renovations. These houses are so great – I can’t wait to see them all fixed up!

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