Other Bottle Trees

Wow! I got so many really nice emails about my reminder – the post just before this one – about looking for good Christmas trees to make into bottle trees (thanks!). It sounds like so many people are planning to make these this year! The directions for the ones that I made are here, but I thought it would be fun to show some other examples of people making more non-traditional bottle trees, too.

This is a pic I took of a metal bottle tree in front of a market in Greenwood, Mississippi. See how there are little lights at the ends of each of the branches?

I’m almost sure that this was made by The Bottle Tree Man, Dudley Pleasants, who lives and farms in Greenwood. He has several different versions of bottle trees available, and they have really nice shapes.

Hammock Iron Works in Arab, Alabama sells their bottle trees on eBay. (BTW, Arab is pronounced “ay-rab” and is the home of the Poke Salat Festival.) There’s another seller of metal bottle trees on eBay here too.

Someone on Flickr uploaded a pic of their custom bottle tree, which they made with a pole, what looks like chicken wire, and Christmas lights. The Gaylord Texan hotel made their version of a Christmas bottle tree.

Felder Rushing, who is my favorite professional gardener (his podcast from Mississippi Public Radio is here, and he has just *the* best sense of humor) even has a mini bottle tree in the back of his truck, where he also maintains a garden -really. There’s a pic of it about halfway down this page.

I think it’s fun to use bottles we’ve had here at home (wine bottles, etc.) for our two bottle trees, but if you’re looking to buy a bunch of bottles, or want to get some hard-to-find blue bottles, they’re available here.

There’s even an art environment by Elmer Long of Oro Grande, California of bottle trees:

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