Little Things

Well, Chanukah is over! It was really great – of course the very best part was that this year we got to share it with Shug.

Now I’m in the middle of taking down all the decorations, and before too long it will be time to put up things for Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day!

I know it is *so* cliched, but guess what one of Av’s presents was? A tie! Well it was actually something that he really wanted, so I didn’t feel so bad about it. The funny thing was, I saw this particular tie and had put it on my list of things to get him, and then he actually mentioned to me that there was a tie that had cotton bolls on it that he liked…It’s made by Southern Proper, and besides this design, they have lots of other ones that I really like…and their website is nice.

Av’s mom and dad really are those people that already have everything, so you have to be creative with what you get them. Av’s mom loves old typewriters – they have some really neat antique typewriters at their home (one day really soon I guess any typewriter will be an antique!). On Etsy, I found someone who does really neat things with old typewriter keys – Misty with Gemma Beads – and I ordered a custom typewriter key bracelet from her. This is seriously the best present I think we have ever gotten her! She loves it!

One of Av’s dad’s presents was a Pullman blanket. For him, this was a really great present because he loves to tell stories about how each summer as a child, he would board a Pullman car and take the train to summer camp up north. He went with his other friends, and they would take enough yummy Alabama fried chicken to last the trip. I bet they had all kinds of fun on the way up!

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