Light Displays

We decorate our house for Chanukah – we have a big lit menorah in our front yard for the eight days – but Av and I have talked for a long time about how since it is the ‘festival of lights’ after all, it would make sense for us to have more of a light display. I know that if we really got into it, Av would go all Clark Griswold and have stuff everywhere (which I would love!). Just today, I found someone on YouTube that has done something similar:

We have so much fun looking at how our neighbors decorate for Christmas. This house is about five or seven minutes from our home:

I love this kind of thing!

There are lots of websites about Christmas light displays all over the country, and a couple of good ones are here and here. There’s even a contest hosted by KFC for the ‘Festive Fanatics’ lighting displays with some really great ones too!

For all the synchronized to music, perfectly decorated homes, though…my very favorite was the one that was in Simcoe, Alabama that we would drive through every year when I was growing up. It would literally back up the little highway in front of the house because of people waiting their turn to drive up into Harold Swindle’s yard.

It was up for 30 years and is closed now, but it was put up by Mr. Swindle at the request of his blind daughter who wanted people to be able to enjoy the lights even though she couldn’t see. He worked for 10 months every year putting it up and taking it down – over 300,000 lights, some of which he got into trees by using a slingshot. I remember, even as a child, thinking about what a special gift it was.

There’s an article about it right here.

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