Earthborn Pottery

One of our favorite restaurants in B’ham is Hot and Hot Fish Club – and one thing that sets them apart is what they serve their dishes on. It’s all made by Tena Payne of Earthborn Pottery, in Leeds AL.

Last month, we drove to Earthborn and I picked out three things – these two little bowls:

(see the little feet on these? That is one of the signature characteristics of this line)

…and this small dish, which was one of Leslie’s Chanukah presents:

There are many more pics of Earthborn Pottery here at their site, and Hot and Hot is also selling some of their line here.

Does anyone know of a comprehensive website with links to potteries by state? I can’t find a really good one. Please email me at ginger AT deepfriedkudzu …dot… com if you do – thanks!

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