Creative Gingerbread

I mentioned Sandy’s holiday china yesterday – she had taken some pics of the National Gingerbread House Competition last year at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. The top entries from this year can be seen here.

I’ve only tried gingerbread once…with not-so-great results. About two years ago, I thought it would be fun to try to recreate our Temple in gingerbread, but I think the problem was that I made the pieces so big that no amount of royal icing was ever going to hold it together (also – one piece cracked in the oven which after all that work was just heartbreaking!). Here’s one piece pre-oven/pre-giant-cracking:

After that idea fell apart, I made my ultra-tacky, ultra-kitschy marshmallow snowman (everyone thought he was so funny!):

The other day, I received the catalog, and they had this gingerbread creation, which they call “Modern Gingerbread House” – but to me…at first…I thought it was a mobile home with a cracked roof! Hopefully I am the only person that got confused that way.

…but it got me thinking about all the super-creative things that could be made with gingerbread. These people made a “redneck gingerbread” scene (click the pic to go to their Flickr page for it):

Originally uploaded by twilletts.

…and in the same vein, there’s this!

There’s a really neat group on Flickr of gingerbread houses – all types – here, too.

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