Cindy’s Christmas Cookie Swap Party

My girls!!

Yesterday, we had *the* most wonderful party over at Cindy’s. Of course the company was the best part – most of our giggly, gorgeous, gifted knitting group was there – but I have to say, Cindy is the very best decorator and I was just waiting for the team from Southern Living to come in the door and set up for a magazine shoot any minute.

Y’all, these couple of pictures don’t even do it justice. She just has the very best taste, and her house was decorated top to bottom.

We laughed, we played, we ate & ate & ate. Cindy served a beautiful salad, a couple of amazing soups, and the world’s best white chocolate bread pudding.

Oh yes – and then there was the cookie swap! We had everything from Darlene’s amazing spread of deliciousness:

…to an assortment of Bibby’s praline grahams, Marie’s Neiman Marcus cookies, Jan’s brown sugar bars, and other things so good I just plain forgot what they were called. I made my pralines and some pistachio Mexican wedding cakes. We tasted, we shared, and we brought home so many wonderful goodies. I know Av can’t wait for me to come home from next year’s party already!

Amongst all life’s blessings, and all those wonderful cookies, family and good friends are by far the sweetest. Love all you sweet girls!

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