Calling Cards!

In the latest issue of Southern Accents, there’s an article about calling cards.

The article is about how there is a need now (although calling cards really are an old custom) for women to have their personal information on a card, separate from their business details. I thought – “that’s what I need!”. The other day, I met another new mommy, and I actually had to put my name and number on the back of my dentist appointment reminder card because I’m not using my business cards any more!

There were so many beautiful examples of calling cards in the article. I did a search online and found a company called that had some really lovely ones. Just look at all the pretty designs! I chose this design – it’s called ‘dandelion’:

…and they came in today!

They look great – they have my name, that I am Shug’s mommy (since I plan to give these to other mommies to set up play dates and things like that), our address, phone number, and email.

Oh! And we joined a Mommy & Me group a couple of weeks ago! Last Friday, we had even had a get-together where a very nice lady from Southern Living came in and did a demonstration on party foods. One thing that was really good was brie tartlets with grape relish (yes – grape relish. I would have never thought of grape relish but it was great!).

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