Two Small Things

I’m making pies again for a church in town that feeds the hungry on Thanksgiving, so besides the flavors I know I’ll be making, I thought it might be nice to try something different this year. The November issue of Southern Living includes a recipe for “pecan cheesecake pie” which sounded really good, so I made it.

It is good, but Av and I agreed that a just-cheesecake or a just-pecan pie is better than this combination for some reason. The same thing happened when I made a Key Lime Praline pie earlier this year – the combination of flavors sounds really good, but it isn’t better than either of the things that are being put together (although I know that doesn’t sound right). Maybe it’s just us!

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The paperwhites that got started a little over a week ago are really growing (post here). I followed the directions from Cornell, and after a week, we added alcohol to the water – about half a shot-glass of gin – so that they wouldn’t grow quite as tall. A few days later, and there is already a difference!
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The one on the right got the added alcohol – it is already shorter than the one on the left that didn’t get any!
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