Nectar Covered Bridge, Nectar AL

This weekend, one of the things we went to try to find was the Nectar covered bridge – or actually, where it used to be. The bridge was built in 1932 and burned in 1993. It was 385 feet long and was the seventh-longest covered bridge in the world!

It’s a little hard to see in this picture (probably easier to view in the winter when there’s not so much foliage) but there are three pillars visible below. That’s all that is left:

Supports for Nectar Covered Bridge, Nectar AL

A really good picture of how the bridge used to look is here.

There are three other Blount county covered bridges – I took these pics in 2002:

Easley Covered Bridge:
Leading to Easley Covered Bridge, Blount County AL

Horton Mill Covered Bridge:
Horton Mill Covered Bridge Span, Blount County AL

Swann Covered Bridge:
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