It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chanukah

We’re going to be decorating for Chanukah this weekend, and we’ve got some new things to play with – things that are like our version of Advent calendars!

I never go into Starbucks, but I heard from someone that this year they had some really neat Chanukah / Hanukkah / Hanukah things, so I went in, and found this *wonderful* little box! Inside each of the little vertical drawers is a piece of chocolate, and after you take the chocolate out, you just put the drawer back in backwards, and on the other side, it shows a lit candle!

(Leslie, I bought you one of these!) I tried to find these on the Starbucks website, but they’re not up right now (neither are their super-cute Christmas items for some reason).

The Land of Nod catalog – which has so many fun things for children – has this Chanukah calendar, which I got for Shug…I know he is going to get such a kick when he gets a little bit older at seeing what mommy and daddy have put in each of the days’ pockets! This has loops to hang on the wall:

There’s a little candle to pull out of the pocket once each day comes:

Land of Nod also makes this sweet calendar for Christmas.

This was given to us last year for Chanukah – it has little doors for each of the candles:

…and you just open the little door for each day of the holiday, and there’s a little candle flame that flips to the other side:

It’s available here, and if you celebrate Christmas, they also make all kinds of really lovely Advent calendars too!

Now the only thing is – I’ve got to start making or buying all the little goodies to fill these up! Fun!

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