Holiday Cards

It is that time. Time to order holiday cards!

I’ve been looking for *the* card this year. There are so many great ones out there…I am loving the ones from Scriptura in New Orleans – below are just a few of my favorite designs of theirs. I’m thinking about getting a few of the ones with the streetcar that say on the inside “let the good times roll!” and the one bottom-left with the beignets that says on the front “let it snow” & inside, “warmest holiday wishes”. Frosty the snowball is sooo good too! I’m emailing them right now to see about ordering a few…

The Museum of Modern Art shop in New York has these pop-up menorah cards, which are nice.

Robert Sabuda, who does those wonderful, huge pop-up books also designed a big Christmas wreath that’s available in the Moma shop, here.

Jack Cards has this very peaceful, lovely Chanukah card.

Last year, we sent out these very simple letterpress Chanukah cards from Yee-Haw Industries in Knoxville. I don’t see any new Chanukah designs from them, but while I was looking around, I saw this Christmas card they have that is SO great!

It probably would be easiest just to send out Happy New Year cards but it’s so much fun to shop and send out holiday cards!

I almost forgot — Rattle-n-Roll, the people that did Shug’s baby announcements, are doing custom Christmas cards with up to four family members, and 100% of the proceeds is going to the American Red Cross – San Diego Wildfires fund. Nice! I’m going to email them and see if they can do ours with “Happy Chanukah”…it may be too late to get them back in time for Chanukah, but we’ll see!

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