Gifting Ornaments

I really like buying ornaments for my friends who celebrate Christmas – and this morning, I got an email from the B’ham Museum of Art for their gift shop’s ‘Holiday Gift Guide 2007’ – and one of the things featured was a selection of Gee’s Bend ornaments.

Oh! And if you have a Frank Fleming Christmas ornament, you are lucky. Lucky-lucky. I went to a local gallery to see about buying a couple for some friends as presents, and guess what? Apparently Frank didn’t bring his kiln with him when he moved to Huntsville, so it sounds like he doesn’t want to sell any more of them, and even the ones that they had at the gallery may be going back with him instead of being sold at all. So…this may be the end of any of his ceramic items. Even his bronze pieces are hard to find right now. I have one of his bronze calla lilies, but I would love, love, love, LOVE to get one of his catfish for Av. If any of you know where I can find one, please email me! Thanks!!

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