Digital Scrapbooking

I want to start making a scrapbook for Shug soon – what I’d like to do is to make the first book of him from our first ultrasounds to him being six months old, then do another every six months.

I’ve been thinking about doing it digitally and making it into a real “book” using either Blurb or Lulu. One great thing about either of those is that it would be super-easy to order several and give them to different family members and friends.

We have tons of ultrasounds – in fact, this is the very first one, when Shug was only about 5-1/2 weeks:

It was our very first peek at Shug – we had a high-risk pregnancy so rather than getting two ultrasounds during the whole nine months, we got something like eleven or twelve!

(this is one of our very first pics together:)

Now Shug’s 4-1/2 months old and is talking and giggling all the time (and rolling over both ways!). He is so much fun!

Leslie wants us to get together and do a traditional scrapbook. There are lots of fantastic ideas for page layouts here in the Scrapbooking Flickr group, and we got one of those big new scrapbooks from the Martha Stewart line at Michael’s to play with. I’m going to download the software for Blurb and see if I can get started on our first digital scrapbook this week during his nap-times, too…fun!

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