Ashville, Alabama

This past weekend, we drove through Ashville, Alabama and saw some really pretty, historic places.

This is the John W. Inzer House and Museum. The state tourism website describes it this way:

The Museum, sponsored by St. Clair Camp 308, Sons of Confederate Veterans and Chapter 1488, United Daughters of the Confederacy, contains invaluable documents and articles which only a Confederate Officer, a State Senator and a District Judge, such as Lt. Col. John W. Inzer could assemble. The Inzer home was built in 1852 and is a one- story Greek Revival home. The house was built of red brick, fired on the grounds. The walls are sixteen-inches thick of stacked brick from the ground up. Many of the original furnishings are still in the home.

Look at all the fireplaces!

…and these great double-doors:

This is the Roses and Lace B&B – the house was built in 1890:

Ashville Academy, built in 1831:

This circa 1890 house is the Ashville House Tea Room, and it’s for sale right now:

Av and I were in this mid-1800s house a few years ago. We were driving through Ashville and saw the signs in front of this house for an estate sale. I really didn’t know much about estate sales, but I knew that I would love to see the inside of this home, so we went inside! The pictures on the realtor’s website of the interior look exactly like I remember it:

I really should have taken a better picture of this, but it’s the St. Clair County Courthouse. This Saturday, they’re having their annual Christmas on the Square festival. I love that they have the courthouse decorated:

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