Updating Bookcases with New Orleans Toile

In November of 2005, I posted about how I used fabric to change the look of a couple of bookcases. Since it’s been a couple of years, I was thinking it would be nice to do it again — and at just the right time, there was an article in…I think it was the last New Orleans Magazine but I might be wrong…about a shop on Magazine Street that carried this wonderful custom toile with scenes of New Orleans.

The shop is called Hazelnut, and one of the owners is Bryan Batt, who plays Salvatore Romano on the AMC show Mad Men (I love that show! And Damages on FX too. But they both just had their season finales and now there’s nothing on tv until Lost. Well, except Curb and The Office. But anyway.).

So anyway, the New Orleans toile came in and it’s just beautiful. Here are the bookshelves with the old fabric:

Bookcases, 2007

…and here they are with the New Orleans toile (it comes in different colors – I got the ‘magnolia’ shade because I just thought it would make that end of the room appear lighter):

Bookcases, 2007

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