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Tonight at 7pm on APT, they’re going to air the documentary “Mr. Dial Has Something To Say” (that’s Thornton Dial) – and it’s described:

“This feature high-definition documentary explores the visual arts sibling of jazz, the blues and gospel.

As the visual interpretation of life from America’s former slave culture, this improvisational style is a unique artistic view in American history—and one of America’s few very home-grown artistic styles.”

One thing that’s really interesting is that APT is going to air a forum at 8pm for discussion of the film:

Hosted by Tracy Larkin, a group of art professionals gather to discuss questions raised in the documentary MR. DIAL HAS SOMETHING TO SAY, including “What is art?” and “What constitutes artistic expression?” This program offers viewers the chance to call in and discuss the documentary as well.

The director/producer of the film is Celia Carey – a classmate of Av’s. She was the director/producer on “The Quilts of Gee’s Bend” documentary so I’m sure it’s going to be great.

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