Morgan Creek Winery, Harpersville AL

While we were in Shelby county, we drove over to Morgan Creek Winery in Harpersville so Av could try some of their wine.

We drove right through the vineyard:
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…and this is the building where you can do the tastings and buy the wine:
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Since I’m nursing and can’t drink, Shug and I stayed behind while Av went in for a couple of minutes. He came back out with some of their muscadine juice (which I’m thinking about serving for those of us who aren’t/can’t drink wine at our seders) and these two bottles of wine:
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The one on the left is ‘Cahaba White’ which is described on their website as “(off-dry) – aromatic with muscadine but clean and fresh, spicy note, lots of fresh fruit,”, and the other is called ‘Alabama Vulcan Red’. I don’t have a description for that one.

I have a feeling that no matter what Av thought about it, he would have gotten that one for the label alone! If it’s good, he’ll probably go back and get another bottle for his brother, who is the wine authority in our family (I am *so* not a wine snob! We had a gift certificate to a wine cellar one time and Av had me pick out some things…I was just picking out bottles with pretty labels! I don’t know anything about wine…).

There’s a listing of all the wineries in Alabama (and other states) here.

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