Orange Roughy Saute Meuniere Amandine

I made (this is long) Orange Roughy Saute Meuniere Amandine for supper on Monday and it was *fantastic* – much better than what I experimented with last night (which was turkey tetrazzini, which Av says they served at his high school and they called it ‘turkey tetrachloride’ – he wasn’t comparing, just being funny. I hope! It wasn’t tetrachloride bad, but it sure wasn’t great!).

Anyway…this orange roughy was delish. Delish.

Usually I would use trout or pompano to do this with, but I like orange roughy and we haven’t had it in forever. If you try it, experiment and let me know what fish you liked it with. This is my recipe, but I based it on a couple of recipes in the Galatoire’s cookbook.

Ingredients (serves two):
2 orange roughy filets
olive oil and butter to saute with
salt and pepper to taste
flour for dredging
two handfuls of almonds, toasted or sauteed

—for the meuniere sauce:
1/8 c. butter
good squeeze of fresh lemon juice
two dashes Worcestershire
four dashes red wine vinegar
(…but taste it and see if you need a little more of any one thing before serving)

First, saute or toast the almonds, and set aside.

Make the meuniere sauce by melting the butter over a low heat until it browns, then add the lemon juice, Worcestershire, and vinegar, whisking continually. Let simmer for five minutes, then turn off heat.

In the meantime, start the fish cooking. Dredge the filets in flour, dust off excess. Saute the fish on both sides in an olive oil/butter mixture until golden brown and cooked through, and season with salt and pepper.

Plate the cooked filets, top with a couple of spoonfuls (okay…more than a couple) of the meuniere sauce, and top with as many almonds as you like.

Orange Roughy

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