Mississippi Craftsmen’s Guild / Mississippi Craft Center, Ridgeland MS

While we were in Jackson, we drove over to Ridgeland to the Mississippi Craft Center, which is run by the Mississippi Craftsmen’s Guild.

Loved it. L-o-v-e-d it.

Mississippi Craft Center, Ridgeland MS

Here’s the interior space, where they can also host functions:

Interior, Mississippi Craft Center, Ridgeland MS

…and here’s a pic of the gorgeous shop – it reminded me a lot of the Southern Highland Craft Guild Gallery in Asheville NC that we visited. There were several artists from Mississippi on display, but several from neighboring states as well.

Gallery, Mississippi Craft Center, Ridgeland MS

There was so much that I wanted to buy, but we left with just four small things. This one’s just for fun – it’s a catfish – a wire sculpture by Anne Campbell called “I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues” – that Av’s going to put in his office:

Wire Sculpture (Catfish) by Anne Campbell

This little birdie is by Bonnie Renfrow from Ackerman, MS. I just liked how simple and peaceful he looks. Her birds have rattles inside:

Pottery by Bonnie Renfrow

This one has a gorgeous glaze – it’s by Mark Rigsby in Hattiesburg, who is also the director of the museum of art at the University of South Mississippi:

Pottery by Mark Rigsby

The last thing we got is this, by Kent Follette / Follette Pottery in Ruston, Louisiana:

Follette Pottery

Just a tiny fraction of the other items the Craftsmen’s Guild has is in their online store. From now on, when we go to Jackson, Av has promised that we will stop by the Craft Center…when Shug gets a little older, I want him to pick out some toys there too – there’s one artist that makes old-fashioned toys that are just beautiful.

Oh! And one more thing…one of the other things they have is a metal bottle tree – very sculptural…and it’s already loaded up with blue bottles. I like my homemade bottle trees but theirs is very nice too…

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