Shug’s Announcements

Shug’s birth announcements came in today and they look great! We ordered them from Rattle-N-Roll, and are so happy with how they turned out.
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I knew I wanted them to look like a letterpress concert poster, so I thought of Yee-Haw Industries in Knoxville, Hatch Show Print in Nashville, and Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. in Akron (AL) but Av and I decided we would do full-size posters for birthday parties (we’d just roll them into tubes and mail them that way) and get a more traditional-size card for his birth announcement — that’s when I found Rattle-N-Roll.

Ah, it makes me so happy to think that my little boy is going to have party invitations done each year from different letterpresses as he grows up! I can’t wait to see what the different places will design when we give them the details and just give them full creative license to do whatever!

Anyway, we decided to use Rattle-N-Roll since they had birth announcements on their site and do them regularly, *and* we got the turnaround in a little less than three weeks. Their standard different designs are here, and we went with the one that’s called “The Cash”. We sent them pics of Shug and they came up with this!:
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Above this box is our names, then below is his name and birth stats, just like on “The Cash”. Oh…I am so happy with these and can’t wait to start sending them out this week!! They are so different from the usual ones, and the package we got included two posters that we’re going to frame, also. Yay!

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