Custom Photo Shelf/Drawer Liners

Av painted the pantry in our kitchen, so I decided to replace what I had been using to line the shelves (parchment paper) with something that would be easy to clean and a little more…interesting.

I took some butcher paper that I use for crafts (I got mine at Uline here) and cut sheets just 1/4″ shorter on all sides than the dimensions of the shelves:
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…picked up a whole bunch of pictures of food and restaurants from my Flickr account that I sent to Target to print (they only cost $.15/ea), glued pictures on collage-style with regular Elmer’s glue:
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…and laminated the sheets at Kinko’s. Since the butcher paper was cut a little bit smaller than the dimensions of the shelf, it came out perfectly with the border that was made when each sheet was laminated:
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Some of my pantry shelves have a lot on them, so you can’t see the pictures well on those particular ones, but on others, it’s much more fun that what I used to have and it’s going to be *so* easy to clean now.

Doing this little project gave me an idea for other shelf liners. I’m thinking about doing the same thing for other drawers – like my silverware drawers – except using some pretty wrapping paper to laminate instead. Right now I just have boring shelf liner rubber-y stuff from Target, and it’s not easy to clean at all, and it’s not particularly pretty, so this may be nice for a change.

For the china cabinet in my kitchen, I’m thinking about buying some really pretty fabric and backing it with iron-on fusible stiffener rather than using my laminating idea…hmmm…I think that would come out really nice…

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