The Quilts Are Back

I got a press release emailed to me from Tinwood’s PR agency that the quilts that Lucinda Pettway Franklin had filed suit over have now been returned.

The Arnetts had the quilts appraised and it was found that they were probably not made prior to the 1950s, which means that Lucinda’s grandmother (who died in 1943) couldn’t have done them.

The complete press release can be found here (a Mobile Press-Register article about their return is here) and another press release about a motion that was filed by the Arnetts to dismiss the lawsuit can be found here. The Montgomery Advertiser has a story about a federal judge later ordering that the quilts’ value be determined by July 20th to see if the case can be heard in federal court (since the value must equal at least $75,000).

I wonder how that is going to turn out…

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