David Meaders Face Jugs

Larry King did an interview last week with the host of the Discovery Channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs‘ and some of the more interesting people that have been on that show – it was really interesting.

I looked up some of the upcoming episodes (I have a little bit of a squeamish tummy so most of it doesn’t appeal to me, but…) and one of them was about making face jugs with David Meaders!

I Tivoed that episode – it’s the one entitled “Leather Tanner” – and it was great. David was really-really funny, and it was just excellent. That episode comes on again July 21st and 27th, and an episode guide with air times is here.

Someone on eBay is selling one of David’s face jugs right now, and there’s a nice article about Georgia folk pottery that mentions the Meaders family here at the New Georgia Encyclopedia. The “folk potters trail” PDF from the Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia is *really* wonderful and I’d love to go to all the places they have listed!

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