Supper at Prejean’s, Lafayette LA

Av and I got to be guests of the owners at Prejean’s for supper! How neat is that (okay that’s my disclaimer. Prejean’s is great no matter who is paying!)!? We had supper there last Sunday – we were in a teensy bit of a rush because we still had to drive over to Baton Rouge to see the final episode of The Sopranos at our hotel!

Which…what was with that ending? I am okay with it…just glad it didn’t make me cry for twenty minutes like the finale of Six Feet Under…

ANYway…we had a fantastic time at Prejean’s! We ordered the boudin balls to start (Prejean’s serves Cajun food that – if you live outside the area – you’re not likely to see elsewhere. For a look, their supper menu is right here.), and Av got a cup of his favorite chicken and sausage gumbo anywhere, which he loved as always:
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For our entrees, we got the Catfish Catahoula, and the Catfish Oscar. It doesn’t matter who orders which because these are so good that we always share them back and forth!
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Sooooo good! If you get a chance to go, make sure it’s after 7pm, when the band starts!

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